Quick and Easy At-Home Workouts

Quick and Easy At-Home Workouts

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All of the Workouts exercises are easy enough to perform at home. This includes those that involve lifting or pushing yourself up, down, and sideways to reduce the pressure on your joints. However, if you want to get some serious exercise while at home, you can.

We’ve included a number of very simple exercises that will help the average person build more lean muscle mass, while at the same time helping to lose extra weight along the way.

The easiest of these workout exercises are those that you may already know about. Exercises such as walking, stair climbing, and stationary bicycling can be used as part of a workout routine, or used alone to shed more pounds without equipment. These are great exercises for people who, for whatever reason, can’t be bothered to make it to the gym, or simply don’t have time to make it to the gym each day.

While working out the important thing is to monitor yourself. Don’t train to your maximum effort without monitoring your body temperature. If you get too hot, then slow down and rest if you need to. Above all else, monitor your progress by looking at your watch or GPS. If you see that you’re making progress, then you’re on the right track! We have got few workouts for you to get started and include them in your routine, to get desired results. So let’s get started.


There is no denying the popularity of squats. In order to get the full benefits from this exercise you need to set-up correctly and be confident in your technique. When you squat there is a range of motion. The range of motion is dependent on the position of your hips, knees and ankles.

These three points are important when performing squats as to ensure full hip flexion.


Hips Elign:

This means that you will be sitting down properly with the hips slightly lower than the knees. Your knees need to be level with the glutes when you sit down. This is a requirement for proper form. The other way to achieve this is to put your legs straight out in front of you and then put the heels on the floor. You will feel the muscles working as you go through the motions of squats. This is good. This means you are doing the exercise properly.

Knees Lower:

This means that you will be bending your knees whilst sitting. There must be a slight bend in order to sit down properly. This is a requirement when performing squats as you can lose control of the exercise if you do not lower your knees.

Knees Up:

This means that you are standing up. The hip joint needs to be straight. This is why some may find it hard to stand up. This is required as you are about to stand up.

You will be performing the exercises by lowering your heels down whilst reaching your arms up. You should feel the hamstrings and thigh muscles working during this motion.

You may find it very hard to achieve proper form on the first try. This is normal. Just keep trying. Your muscles will improve and you will be able to squat lower and lower without falling out of form.

Remember to lower your shin slightly before reaching your hand up and you will get the same benefit as a runner lowers their hand to the ground when starting a 400 meter race.


Plank is a very simple exercise but it can be very beneficial. It helps in strengthening the muscles and bones. It also improve circulation, reduce stress and improve your mental health.

Lie flat on the floor on your back and lift your shoulders and arms. The hands should be touching the floor on both sides of your chest and shoulder blades. The elbows and knees are straight with a slight bend at the waist. Maintain the position for ten seconds.

A bonus of Planks is that it can work on your abdomen. Check out the video below, it teaches 16 different kind of planks.

Benefits of Planks:

* Improve your digestion;
* Improve your circulatory system, Improve your lungs, Relax your muscles (exercise your core);
* Improve blood flow, it helps in reducing stress;
* It can improve your mental health and it can also help your back and shoulder.

Quick Tips

  • You can do planks by standing on one leg, lift yourself to the position by balancing on your foot, and place your other leg on the floor.
  • Always breathe out when you do planks, this help the abdominal muscles to get firm.


The lunges have gained quite a following due to their amazing results for building your upper body strength. It provides the body with a full workout for your upper body at the same time saving your time as you don’t need to do the long journey to a gym.

Benefits of the lunges:

1. Provides you with a full body workout

The lunges exercise your upper body at the same time it is simple to do and take up less time. The lunges also helps you to strengthen the thigh muscles as well as the calf muscles, it helps you to get a full body workout but the best benefit is that it is extremely effective in building your core abdominal muscle.

2. Helps you to lose weight

The abdominal group of muscles are a vital part of the human body as they are required for the burning of calories. As such, it is best to exercise your abs to burn fat if you are looking to reduce your body weight. This ab exercise is the easiest which is a way to burn fat as the calories you burn are fat calories.

3. Provides a great cardio workout

The cardio exercise is used in building your cardio muscles. You are also working your muscles for the strength part of the workout. The lunges are ideal if you need to build your leg muscles. You may not do it as often as a full body workout but the results will definitely come in the form of increased fat burning.

Pushup Stretches

There are many advantages to doing pushups. The best way to get started is to do several sets of pushups everyday in order to improve your coordination and endurance. You should focus on doing this exercise no less than 6 times a week to improve the flexibility of your abdominal region. For the increase your stability, do your sets between 10 and 16 reps. If there is a problem with your back or you have any pain, seek the help of your personal trainer.

push up

Benefits of pushups:

1. Improves flexibility

The flexibility of the abdominal region is increased. The muscles provide stability that allows the back to be kept straight.

2. Helps build strength

The muscles in your abdomen assist the glutes and hamstrings in pulling the body upright when you do a pushup. By this, you should feel resistance which helps you to lift your chest. This helps you increase your strength.

3. Increase your heart rate

The heart rate will increase as you do pushups. With this, you will increase aerobic fitness. If you do a regular set of pushups, your fitness level will increase by 10 to 20 %. The more you do the easier it becomes.

4. Strengthens your upper body and core

The muscles of the shoulders and arms strengthen when you do pushups and so are the muscles of the pelvic region and lower abdomen .When you do pushups, your lower back is in line with the muscles of your abdomen. With this, you reduce the risk of injury to your back. You should avoid doing this type of exercise if you have any problems with your lower back.

By doing pushups, the muscles of the arms and legs work together to assist you in pulling your chest upward. If you have any problems, you should seek your personal trainer to help you.


Burpees are not a new exercise or an exercise invented recently. Do burpees for 30 seconds as a warm up, then as your fitness intensifies, you can do the burpee for 2 minutes or more. The burpee is a great way to get your heart pumping. It is a total body workout.

Most gyms usually have people using burpee in different form like body weight burpee and squat burpees.

Burpees are excellent cardiovascular exercise. You can do burpees at home if you have a very small yard or no yard at all. A good area for doing burpee is right outside in an open area.

Dumbells Rows

Dumbells rows are a great exercise to train your legs for strength, speed, and power, and a great cardio workout too. This is an excellent row that can be done indoors or outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about weather conditions, or about the amount of time you will have. For most rowers, it is a piece of equipment that can add variety to their workouts. And, it is the cheapest workout tool to incorporate into your indoor routines.

Check the video below to learn more.

This exercise is very important to the people who does not have much upper back strength, as a result of injuries, the person will feel pain in the back area, as a result of this, you just need to do the exercise at your own risk. This exercise can be done by your own body weight and by a resistance band.

Single – Leg deadlifts

For those looking to improve their lower back and lower body strength, there is no more effective exercise than the Deadlift. If you’re new to Deadlifting you’ll probably find the idea of Deadlifting a lot can be a little daunting. There’s nothing wrong with this in principle but it can be a little tricky in application. The Deadlift is something that I recommend because it is effective. The Deadlift should be part of a training program as part of your overall training for both your upper and lower body.

Benefits of Single leg deadlifts

1. For building up your hamstrings

It is a very common mistake for some people to concentrate on pulling the weight as far away from the body as you can and ignoring the more crucial muscle group that lies underneath it called the hamstrings. If you are doing them properly you will find it quite tricky. For some people this can be really challenging, but for those that train them regularly and incorporate the right deadlift pattern and technique are capable of impressive leg development.

2. For developing your quadriceps

This is usually regarded as a more explosive muscle group and is often the muscle group that is targeted first in Olympic style events. This is the muscle group that is responsible for explosive leg power and is therefore most often associated with the Deadlift. But there are other ways of working these muscles. One of the simple and effective techniques is the Single Leg Deadlift which is simply, a set of single leg attempts to the Deadlift. This is done using a Romanian Deadlift or a Single Leg Press.

For a good technique, take the time to check out the video below

Glute Bridge Workout

Many people, especially women are unaware of how important gluteus maximus muscles really are in movement. You may have heard some fitness professionals say so. The gluteus maximus muscles are so important that they should be included in every fitness program because that is one of the first muscles to be activated and strengthened in any workout as a beginner to intermediate exerciser.

The gluteus maximus is located in between the hip joints and this muscle can be difficult to isolate. This is why you may be doing exercises such as leg lifts in order to isolate this muscle for a stronger, firmer, more toned body but the gluteus maximus muscle is not so easy to isolate and is usually not fully developed. But don’t worry, there is a way to fully develop and fully activate this muscle.

This particular muscle is made up of many pieces and muscles. It is often hard to tell what one of the gluteus maximus, are one of these muscles. The main point is to fully activate each of the muscles and make them stronger and bigger. When you are doing these exercises make sure you are making each step count.

There is a way to fully activate and strengthen these glutus muscles. The exercises for this muscle is to make the glutus maximus muscles stronger and firmer. The exercises for this muscle should not be done at the same time as other muscle groups exercises such as leg lifts, leg curls etc. These exercises are good for other body parts such as the arms, abdomen etc.

Watch the full video below to learn more.

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